#GOSSIPING 06.01.2019


Did you know that many scientists believe it was the art of social gossip that first set us apart from the other animals? That’s how we formed intimate groups and learned more about the important things in life. We’d like to continue that tradition in our area of expertise, so here’s just a taste of what’s happened this week in the world of marketing:

Clever campaigns: Burger King is also the king of trolls

Fast-food franchise Burger King is reaping the rewards of a unique marketing campaign we can probably all learn something from. To get people to download the Burger King app, the chain offered their famous “Whoppers” for just a penny for a limited time. But that’s not exactly what caught everyone’s attention. Instead, it was the fact that in order to access the deal, you had to order the burger on the app within 600 feet from any McDonald’s location.
That’s right, in a twisted sort of game that Burger King somehow knew we would love, they sent customers directly to their competitors only to order a great deal on their app and be directed by GPS to the nearest Burger King where their 1-cent Whopper would be waiting. Even more genius, this silly but clever trick got people to download the app and fill in their credit card information. Burger King just got a lot of new customers.

Tools of the trade: Get organized with Trello

Organization is one of those things that easy to overlook and that you wish you didn’t have to spend time on. But tools like Trello help you cut back on the amount of time you would otherwise spend trying to keep track of all your tasks. You can get inspired with Trello board templates and examples for organizing any of life’s projects. It also has 12 marketing boards to help marketers with their daily jobs. We use it and recommend that you do so as well.

New ideas for a new year

Black Friday, Christmas and New Years are gone, as are any big sales you could have made during the holiday season, but we still have the marketing campaigns that others made to take advantage of the buying frenzy and there are at least a few that we can learn from as we move into 2019.

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