Who We Are

Who we are

Spoiler - We aren't only nice

2011 was an interesting year. There was the tent protest, the most complete lunar eclipse of the 21st Century, Gilad Shalit’s return home and one other interesting figure that we couldn’t find on Wikipedia: after years of guiding businesses and initiatives, consulting and training, we decided to officially band together. The organizational experience that was gathered in work with various people, platforms and organizations from across the marketing spectrum was summed up in one word: Streetwise.

Since then, a great group of people has been gathered here, each an expert in his field who loves what he does more than anything else. Every one of us represents an integral part of our clients’ teams and as far as we’re concerned, your customers are our customers.

We believe in maintaining a personal and open connection, making decisions together with all the options on the table. Therefore, we look for people who love what they do (like us), who are committed to it and want to get as far as possible. If that describes you, we’ll take care of getting you there.

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