Indepth Marketing

A marketing strategy that’s only comprised of messaging is meaningless. In order to build a quality brand that will be successful in the long run, we must create an efficient and positive experience at every point of interaction with the target audience. In order to make that happen, the entire marketing-product-service triangle has to work.

We developed the In-depth Marketing method during years of joint growth with businesses and companies when we saw that even perfect marketing processes didn’t always lead to long-term success. In all of these cases, the product or service wasn’t strong enough to stand behind the marketing processes we created.

The main point of this method is the understanding that there is meaning behind every one of the events that takes place along the customer’s journey and that the marketing process doesn’t need to focus only on messaging, but also on the creation of a high-quality product and service that will serve as a backbone for the marketing messaging.

In-depth Marketing is based on 6 separate steps:

Story – Who are you? What do you believe in? What’s interesting about you?

Product – What makes your product worth showing off?

Customer – Who is your audience? What’s important to them? What’s the right way to reach them?

Competition – What’s happening in the rest of the market? What will work for us and how can we take advantage of that?

Sales – After defining everything about the product and the service, what’s the most specific message that should be sent out?

Marketing – How do we reach the right people with this message?

In every one of the marketing packages, the first step is In-depth Marketing: the deconstruction of the company into smaller parts and parameters to be analyzed individually and brought back together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Only after that can we build the marketing process together that will take you as far as possible.

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