Good branding is just like a human being: it has character, morals, influence and distinguishing qualities. Preference for one brand over others is created largely through connection to it, for the same reasons you prefer some people over others.​

Connection to a brand is created by belonging and identity, just like supporting a football team or a band and traveling around the world to see them in concert or a game.

In order to create this kind of identification with a brand, it’s critical to pay attention to everything that surrounds your brand, from how it looks and how it communicates to how it behaves. Why do some people buy a watch for $10 while others will pay $1,000 for a watch that has exactly the same function while insisting that it’s different? The answer starts with branding. But branding is a whole lot more than a name and an icon.

Branding isn’t a logo

One of the most common mistakes made in the early stages is to make a good-looking logo and think that it will do all the work for you. Branding is much more than a decent-looking logo just as a logo is much more than a graphic icon. Beneath the shapes, behind the colors and between the lines, there’s an entire rainbow of messages values, and sensations, that are communicated through a rich graphic and textual language. Everyone picks up on these messages, even if they can’t interpret them directly and will experience them just like babies who can’t speak yet but understand their parents perfectly (when they communicate clearly).

If you haven’t given enough attention to each of these aspects, your branding will be confusing, inconsistent and even in direct conflict with itself.

What is branding?

Branding is the creation of a complete and well-rounded identity for a brand. Services, businesses, people and ideas can all be branded – turned into a well-rounded, filled-out character that gains strength as the product of all of its parts put together. The values and messages presented by the brand, are the kind people can identify with, participate or believe in.

Branding is made up of the messages (both graphic and textual) that the brand sends out directly and more subconsciously between the lines. The colors, lines, shapes and words you use each carry an associated message and role to play within the framework of the identity built for your brand.

The brand identity we establish is meant to create the feeling of having a discussion with a real person, during which you get to experience and know that person. This is the place to explain the brand (the thoughts, the idea, the passion) as if we were having a discussion with a customer ourselves.

Branding is your DNA – what sets you apart from other businesses and brands and what creates preference for your brand above others. Accurate branding is the key to the organic development of your company. Without it, you’ve just got a pretty logo.

What is in-depth branding?

In-depth branding is a 30-day process based on the In-depth Marketingmethod. The process includes a series of meetings, during which we conduct comprehensive research into all the various aspects of your brand, including its story, values, customers, competitors and everything else that stands behind it. At the end of the process, we’ll create a brand identity, which manifests itself in brand communication (graphic and textual), appearance and a set of rules and values that together create a brand identity (full description below).

Who is in-depth branding meant for?

This method was developed and fine-tuned during the branding process for many dozens of companies from various industries, but it won’t be a fit for every business. The current format is perfected for small businesses and it requires a full commitment to the process. Contact us and together we’ll consider whether or not we can help you.

What will you get in the end?

At the end of the process, you’ll get your Brand Book, which includes all of your brand identities. You’ll be able to take that book to any professional at any stage in the future and get specific products that fit the identity of your brand so that the message you send out across all the platforms you use will be in sync.

What’s included in the Brand Book?

  • First of all – identity! That means who you are, what your values are, why you’re here and what makes you special – the refined principles of the brand what’s behind them. That includes everything between the lines that causes people to connect to the brand.
  • Logo
  • Graphic: Logo optimization for various applications including color, typography and other graphical elements. Also, a grid for social media and example photos.
  • Content: A brand story, manifest, values, tagline (slogan), brand voice and customer definition.
  • Your set of rules: What to do and not to do, inviolable conditions, etc. – rules that establish the appearance of the brand and its behavior.
  • Illustrations: Visualizations of your digital appearance (website, Facebook) and print products (business cards, office stationery, folders, and signs).



Did we already say that branding is much more than a logo?

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